Business Aviation Diagnostic Testing

Business Aviation Diagnostic Testing

Pioneering a new path in COVID-19 Air Mobile Testing

The flexibility of this service allows flight operators the ability to perform the test on passengers within their own environment (aircraft) and get quick results. The benefits of this solution are:
Increasing operational flexibility - being able to perform the test anywhere/

  • Gained time on the ground - this is especially important for maximizing passenger's time on productive activities
  • Reduces transportation costs to and from facility to perform testing
  • Diminishing risk by being bale to perform tests on the aircraft (as opposed to expand exposure in a third-party facility).
  • Ability to get results at a moment's notice, especially for short notice passenger additions.

Universal and Cedars believe we are poised to substantially reduce the risk for our customers and their passengers.

Convenience and Efficiency .
Brings sampling and testing into your convenience and control/