Cedars health is formerly known as Big Horn Urgent Care.

In 2012, our fourth year of business, a new team of managers took the lead. It was agreed that the company should replace its name to one that represents more accurately who we are, our mission and our vision.

The Cedar tree is one of the strongest, most beautiful and long living tree nature has created. It is therefore, a symbol of:

Our Mission & Vision

Cedars Health's mission is to...
provide accessible, affordable and high quality care through urgent treatment, prevention of disease in everyday life, and protection from injury in the work environment.
 Our vision for the future is to...

build a network of clinics throughout Wyoming and to provide care anywhere our patients travel. We will ensure continuity of care by encouraging patients to identify directly with Cedars Health. We will structure a complete and reliable solution to occupational medicine, a one stop shop, for major businesses that have employees spread out over many territories in Wyoming.

Why Choose Cedars Health?

Our team of health care providers is skilled, experienced and dedicated to providing a high standard of care and service. Although we've only been in business for four years, our health care professionals carry up to 15 years of experience. We are committed to consistently offer reliable quality care. Our values are: